Water Water Everywhere Runs Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm & 4:30pm, September 7th - October 26th at Governors Island House 404A Colonel's Row


By Leah Barker, Blake Bishton, Emily Krause, and E​linor T. Vanderburg

Directed by Tara Elliott and Tess Howsam


Water Water Everywhere is an intimate immersive performance that takes the audience on a whirlwind of time, space, and environment. In the multiple worlds of this play, ECC has recreated the past, reimagined the present, and hopes to find the future. The audience is split up into small groups, each experiencing the story with different characters from different times. You will meet twins from the 1800s, a family in both 1996 and 2019, a girl from the future, and a questionable, house spirit who doesn’t live in any one particular time at all! 90 minutes


Assisted Living

Directed by PJ Norton

Written by Molly Rydzel

Produced by Amanda Bullis, Alli Trussell, and Alan Simon


Assisted Living focuses on two personal assistants, Bridget Clinton and Jo Burton, and the ultra-personal and often bizarre tasks they are asked to perform on behalf of their bosses: a high powered, dysfunctional couple going through a dramatic divorce. I come in at the end of the first season and I can't wait to see what these superstar comedy humans created.

Watch Episode One Below to see these amazing ladies work:


Are You Happy Now, April 13th 2019 at The Tank

By Emily Krause

Directed by Jenna Rossman



Jenna, Emily and I are reuniting for another play this Spring! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW is about three miserable women named Masha search for the meaning in their meaningless lives in a rapid fire game of anywhere would be better than here. A 21st-century existential crisis; an absurdist anti-ode to Anton Chekhov. How do you find happiness in a world that doesn't give a shit about you?



The Seagull, December 14-16th 2018 at the Studio Theater at Columbia University

By Anton Chekhov

Directed by Logan Reed



Oh how I've learned a lot in this one! I'm playing Nina in the comedy(?) The Seagull directed by MFA candidate Logan Reed! It has been such a joy to carve into this show- come watch us attempt to reckon with love and loss surrounded by a lake in the Russian countryside.


SOMETHING FOR THE FISH, August 9-12th 2018 at CPR- Center for Performance Research in Williamsburg!

By Emily Krause

Directed by Jenna Rossman



SOMETHING FOR THE FISH is set in a small coastal town rocked by the sudden disappearance of the sea life it depends on. It is both a climate change parable and an intimate look at the transformative (and transfiguring) power of grief, featuring music, visual art, extreme weather, and a little magic.


My Ánton/ia, July 20, 21 and 22, 2018 at The Red Cloud Opera House in Nebraska!

By A.P. Andrews

Directed by Tessa Lee

TIX HERE if you find yourself in Red Cloud Nebraska:


We are here in Nebraska at the Willa Cather Foundation for a 2-week residency to adapt Cather's book My Antonia into a play for the 100 year anniversary of it's publication! Set in the turn of the Century in the plains of Nebraska, our play follows Cather's love story intertwined with a contemporary tale of coming home to the Midwest after a long time. We are so excited to be here in Red Cloud and to be surrounded by the places that inspired this book and are inspiring our play.


I Was Unbecoming Then, June 28th, 2018 at ArsNova's ANTFest!

By Lyndsey Bourne

Music by Sam Kaseta

Directed by Ilana Khanin



Playwright Lyndsey Bourne wrote a brilliant play about a competitive high school choir and Sam Kaseta is writing some bad ass lady choral music. The incredible Ilana Khanin is directing this crew of women I'm so proud to be a part of so come watch us harmonize and grapple with being 17 again.